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St Katharine’s offers a wide range of cultural activities catering for a variety of interests and talents. The arts allow children the freedom to express themselves creatively, to let their imagination take flight – a freedom that we value highly at St Katharine’s.

Class plays/operettas

Every pupil participates in these productions, which offer a wonderful opportunity for teamwork between different teaching departments and the children themselves. Our music department is closely involved in these productions, and each child is given a chance to shine on stage.

If you ask any St Katharine’s old girl what they remember most fondly about the school, it is likely that the plays and operettas will be included on their list of highlights.


This is a popular extra-mural activity and, if they wish, girls are prepared for the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) exams.

Other activities

Gymnastics, playball and private tennis lessons are also offered in the afternoons.

Speech and drama

Classes are offered as an extra-mural activity with the emphasis being on enjoyment and impromptu improvisation skills. Girls are entered for examinations if they wish.


Our specialist art teacher gives extra classes to mixed groups in the afternoons. Children engage in activities such as pottery, painting and sketching in a creative and relaxed environment.


St Katharine's School

Founded 1916

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