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Our philosophy

Music is a vital part of the school’s curriculum. Plato said, “I would teach children music, physics and philosophy, but most importantly music, for in the patterns of music and all the arts are the keys of learning.”

Each girl is fully involved in the class music lessons from Grade 0 and we explore the elements of music, singing and playing marimbas. We also incorporate drama and movement in our lessons.

Each girl from Grade 3 is also able to receive specialist tuition in cello, clarinet, drums, flute, guitar, piano, recorder, saxophone, trumpet, violin and voice. Music theory is part of our curriculum from Grade 3-7.

Music programme


In Grade 1 the class is divided into 2 groups and half the class learns the recorder for six months and the other half of the girls learn the marimbas/Orff.


In Grade 2, the girls learn the cello, violin and ukelele. The class is divided into three groups and they spend one term on each instrument.


In Grade 3, the class is divided into three groups and each group spends one term each on learning the basics of clarinet, flute and trumpet. The purpose of this system is to allow the girls a chance to get a feel for a number of instruments before deciding whether they would like to carry on learning a particular instrument.


Our two choirs, Senior Choir for Grades 5 to 7 and Junior Choir for Grades 2 to 4, perform at many functions, choir festivals, assemblies and soirees.


This is a wonderful opportunity for the girls to make music together and experience adding the voice of their instrument to a symphony of sound. Tours and workshops are organised which become high-lights in the girls’ memories of music at St Katharine’s. At present the school boasts a 40-piece orchestra, which allows many girls to participate in a collaborative manner.

Guitar and jazz bands

We have a wonderful Jazz band, which is invited to play at various festivals. These are fabulous occasions and we are often the only girl band playing!

Our Rock Bands are also very popular and the girls are so keen to join, whether it be as a singer, pianist, drummer or guitarist! The repertoire is varied and allows for an enriching experience, not to mention great entertainment at the various school concerts.

Marimbas and djembe drums

Marimbas are an integral part of our school day and most days one can hear the marimba music coming from the top of the school.  The girls cannot wait to get into Grade 5 so that they can play the marimbas in a band. The Marimba band is often the welcoming music at New Parents Tea Party, concerts and PTA functions.


St Katharine's School

Founded 1916

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