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School life

Key values


St Katharine’s was started in 1916 as a small community school which valued joy in learning, the arts, music and excellence in academic endeavour – a foundation that underpins our school culture to this day. We cultivate an environment in which each girl is known as an individual and encouraged to strive for her personal best.   


We are also cognisant of the fact that each girl is part of a community and, while unique, she should serve the needs of others in a sensitive and meaningful manner.

At St Katharine’s, there is no annual prize giving on the understanding that no one girl matters more than another.


Everything we do at St Katharine’s is based on our school motto, Ut Possim, to the best of our ability, as well as the following core values: individuality, altruism, courtesy, integrity, vitality, compassion, tolerance, commitment, creativity and innovation.



At St Katharine’s we are proud of our legacy of learning and the long-standing tradition...


St Katharine’s offers a wide range of cultural activities catering for a variety...


Music is a vital part of the school’s curriculum. Each girl is fully involved in the class...


Physical Education forms part of our school timetable and the girls spend time outside...


The houses at St Katharine’s are named after three women of character who, to the best of their ability, made a difference in people’s lives.

The daisy

This simple, yet elegant blue flower was introduced in 2011 as St Katharine’s informal emblem in our 95th year.


Social investment

At St Katharine’s the girls are taught not only that they are part of the school community, but also that they are part of a wider world...


St Katharine's School

Founded 1916

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