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The daisy

This simple, yet elegant blue flower was introduced in 2011 as St Katharine’s informal emblem in our 95th year.

Our daisy is the indigenous plant, Felicia heterophylla, belonging to the Asteraceae/Compositae (daisy family) and is commonly known as the “true-blue” daisy or the “ware-madeliefe”.

The true-blue is particularly appealing and has resonance for the girls for whom it is intended. It is one of the few felicias that is entirely blue, in contrast to the others with yellow centres surrounded by blue, purple or white petals. This pretty, bushy annual is one of the spring flowers of the south-western Cape.

The Afrikaans word, “madeliefe” is a translation of the name Madeline. One immediately associates Madeline with Ludwig Bemelmann’s books in which a French schoolgirl character wears a wide-brimmed hat.  Thus an accurate translation would be the “real Madeline” which is charming in itself as this little girl possesses all the character, intellect, curiosity and courage that we would want for a St Katharine’s girl. Madeline convinces her classmates that there is nothing unfeminine about being strong and confident. Madeline is small, fearless and she speaks her mind.


The daisy is not intended to replace the badge, but it is used for less formal occasions. An outline of the daisy has already appeared on the sun tops and, since 2011, the Grade 7 girls have received a beautiful, silver daisy pendant at the Leavers’ Dinner, which was the start of a new tradition.



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